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About us

We are people like You

It is people who can change the world.

We help effect change by connecting the ideal candidate with the perfect opportunity. We adhere to these values: integrity, commitment, and results orientation. These values ​​are both a motivation and a point of reference for everything we do.

The professional world is constantly evolving; Pyou understands this transformation and the need for flexibility, enthusiasm, and professionalism to offer the best solutions to both companies and employees. With this philosophy in mind, we look for the best solutions using:

  • An intelligent and original approach
  • Contrasted competence and experience
  • Flexibility
  • Tailored solutions

Our history, our experience

Pyou is the international representation of Lavoropiù, one of the best-known Italian companies in the recruitment and human resources consulting sector. Our main headquarters are in Bologna (Italy), however there are more than 100 active offices distributed between Italy, Hong Kong, Brazil, United Kingdom and Spain. Candidates and employers can benefit from our combination of local knowledge and global experience.

Historically, packaging and automation industries have thrived in Bologna, currently the leading companies in these sectors are still based in this region, which has allowed us to have a deep knowledge of these industries.

We are people who grow and learn every day, and who are attentive to the needs and demands of the market; with this leitmotif our company has developed its experience in several crucial sectors: information technology, fashion, pharmaceutical sector, HoReCa (Hotels, Restaurants, and Catering), food and beverages, agriculture, health, automation, etc.

Our Secret?


Our values


Pyou is aware of the importance of the role played by human resources companies in the improvement of society, and also pays special attention to supporting young people, women, and workers over 50 years old; both in their incorporation or progression in the labour market. Pyou strives to make a positive contribution to the communities and places where our offices are located. Our Group supports medical research associations, children’s associations, and social cooperatives, enabling us to participate in innovative projects that promote collective wellbeing. Besides sponsoring sports and cultural initiatives, we also engage in a wide range of activities that promote our brand through the positive values of sport and culture, and brings us ever closer to our target audiences.


More than 7 million jobs remain vacant despite the fact that almost 200 million people are unemployed as a result of a global mismatch between skills and requirements. Pyou’s programs and initiatives aim to improve people’s employability through vocational training, listening, orientation, internships, and skills assessment. This program offers participants a variety of activities, conducted in collaboration with both public and private institutions, at no cost to them.

Pyou supports both internal employees and external candidates in many ways. Pyou offers numerous training courses for internal employees and candidates over 50 years of age in order to improve and update their skills, so they don’t lose their jobs or can find new opportunities that best suit their needs. For high school students, the project “Lavoropiù goes to school” guides them to become aware of the different job opportunities available.


As a company that works with and for people, Pyou values ​​diversity and promotes equal opportunities for everyone, regardless of ethnicity, physical ability, gender or age. The recruitment process evaluates employees and candidates impartially: only skills, qualifications, and motivation are taken into account. Women have always made up a large part of the workforce at Lavoropiù. Currently, 80% of the Group’s employees are women, and they enjoy the same opportunities and remuneration as their male counterparts.


Since day one, Pyou has grown as an ecological and sustainable corporation. As a company, we are committed to protecting the environment and ensuring sustainability for future generations. Offices and catering areas no longer use plastic. In order to avoid the use of plastic, Pyou has installed water filters and provided each employee with a water bottle. Whenever possible, we use objects made with recycle materials, like cups and pens.

We have a tradition of giving Christmas presents to each employee in our group. Recently, these gifts were dedicated to positively impact the planet. One of Pyou’s latest donations was the Lavoropiù forest, which has 600 trees in five countries in Africa and South America. Also, the 500 beehives set throughout Italy aim to produce ecological benefits.

For more information about Lavoropiù’s sponsorships and initiatives:

Passion for what we do. We are experts in people.

Our support throughout all stages of recruitment and HR services is appreciated by companies and candidates alike wherever we operate. We don’t just offer human resource services; rather, we provide solutions and advice to real people, just like us.