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This is what Pyou can do for you

A wide range of recruitment services

Pyou advises and supports companies that need new talent, human resource and management strategies. We always endeavour to build valuable and long-lasting relationships with our clients, so that we can offer the support they need: with a deeper understanding of your business goals and recruitment strategies, we are perfectly positioned to handle of the rest.

Specialized Recruitment and Selection


International recruitment and PEO services

Human Resource Consulting and Assessment

Specialized Recruitment and Selection

The ability to identify, select and retain talented professionals that your company needs is critical to growing your business efficiently. Pyou will assist in finding the right employees with a dedicated recruitment and selection process. We begin the process by conducting a comprehensive analysis of the company’s structure and the specific needs of the business sector in question; this allows us to ensure high compatibility between the profiles of the candidates and what you, as a company, are looking for. This means that you will always be dealing with professionals that know your market intimately.

Pyou’s consultants and recruiters are specialized in various industries and professions, such as information technology, sales agents, health and pharmaceutical, mechanics, engineering, packaging, food and beverage, automation, ceramics, fashion, and many more.

In a world where the market is constantly changing, specialization and flexibility go hand-in-hand in our recruitment process. Our unique approach is designed to meet the needs of companies and applicants.

International recruitment and PEO services

(Professional Employers Organization)

Pyou will assist you in finding professionals outside your country. Due to our multilingual and multicultural teams located in multiple offices around the world, as well as our extensive network of contacts and constantly updated international database, we can provide you with global coverage for all recruitment processes.

Also, with our PEO services we will make it easier for you to expand into new regions, without the hassle and the costs of setting up a foreign subsidiary abroad. We can assist you with:

  • Recruitment and hiring in areas where you do not have a registered company or legal entity.
  • Payroll management and other human resource matters.
  • Compliance with local legislation, as well as other important aspects such as health insurance, wellness, risk management, retirement plans, taxes, etc.

Human Resource Consulting and Assessment

Pyou has extensive experience working with SMEs. With the following tools and solutions, we are able to help our clients better meet the demands of a growing HR market:

  • Performance management
  • Diversity management
  • Assessments like DISC, Big Five, etc.
  • Coaching
  • Payment Benchmarking
  • Legal services and analyses
  • Analysis of labour market trends
  • Talent assessment, management, and development

While larger companies are able to hire many professionals with different specializations, not all SMEs can afford to hire such specialized teams. With Pyou’s HR consulting and Assessment Services, you can take advantage of all the benefits of flexibility and efficiency.

What makes Pyou different?

Companies and candidates recognize the transparency, quality, and effectiveness of the support that Pyou provides throughout all phases of the services it offers, whether locally or internationally. For Pyou, our commitment is not limited to a series of activities related to human resources; but our vision and goal is to provide solutions and advice to people just like us.