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Frequently asked questions

Pyou answers the most frequently asked questions about our selection process

Should I register on the Pyou website?

You can simply send us your application by filling in the form with your basic personal information (Name, telephone, email) and attaching your CV. We would also like you to add a short message with additional information about your candidacy. This will help us to assess your profile and better match you to your ideal job opportunity.

Can I search for jobs myself on the Pyou’s website, or do I have to contact the local Pyou office?

Of course, you can search for yourself! With our search tool you can search by keyword, city or industry, you can select the offers that interest you the most. However, we always advise you to contact us, so we can give you more personalized attention.

How can I send my CV?

It is very simple, you will only have to fill in the simple form for candidates. Through this form, you can send us your CV, even if there are no published positions suited to your profile. We will then send a link to for you to authorize us to add you to our Database and contact you when we have a position that matches your profile.

How does the selection process work?

Very simple!

Fase 1: You send us your application, we read your CV and make an initial assessment of the profile. If it aligns with the requirements of a vacancy, we will make a short call to check your interest and availability for a structured interview.

Fase 2: You will have a structured interview with a Pyou recruiter (approximately 45-60 min). This will be a face-to-face or online interview where we will discuss your experience and get a better idea of ​​your professional journey and your future expectations. At this time, we will also provide you with more details about the available position and the company so that you can assess whether it is really the opportunity you are looking for.

Fase 3: If it is what you are looking for, we will present your profile to the company; and if they like your application, they will interview you. Pyou will be responsible at all times to accompany you in the process and will always be at your disposal to clarify any doubts that may arise.

Fase 4: If you are the chosen candidate, Congratulations! We will advise you in accepting the contract proposal and the first days in your new job. If you are not the chosen one, we will contact you to explain the reasons why you weren’t chosen, and we will guide you towards other opportunities or companies.

At Pyou we believe in the motto “la persona giusta al posto giusto”, that is, the right person in the right position.

What should I do after submitting my CV or applying for a position?

Wait! We know, it’s hard to wait, but reading CVs and analysing profiles is a time-consuming job. Pyou recruiters carefully read and analyse candidates’ resumes and personal history to find the best match between candidate and company.
If you have sent your CV, and you think you are the ideal candidate for a position, you can expect a response within two weeks. After this time, if we haven’t contacted you, you can call us or email us.

How can I check the status of my application?

If you have passed the first phase, i.e. there is a vacancy that matches your profile, it means that a Pyou recruiter has called you, your contact person will always keep you informed of the status of your candidacy. However, we understand that situations can change, so you can always give us a call, and we’ll be happy to update you.

What services does Pyou offer for businesses?

Pyou offers you an extensive range of services. As a company, you can choose the services that best suit your needs at any given time.

From specialist staffing, executive search, international recruitment and PEO (Professional Employer Organization) services to HR consulting and advisory services: local market analysis, international market analysis, labour market trends, legal services, talent management, salary benchmarking, etc.