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Lavoropiu: Matching Talent with Opportunity Across Borders

Lavoropiu: Matching Talent with Opportunity Across Borders

Lavoropiu: Matching Talent with Opportunity Across Borders

Pyou, the international identity of Lavoropiù is a prominent name in the recruitment and human resources consulting sector. With its main headquarters in Bologna, Italy, the company boasts more than 100 active offices distributed across Italy, Hong Kong, Brazil, the United Kingdom, and Spain. Lavoropiù’s unique combination of local knowledge and global experience allows both candidates and employers to benefit from their extensive expertise.

The city of Bologna has a rich history in the packaging and automation industries, with many leading companies still based in the region. This has given Lavoropiù the opportunity to develop a deep understanding of these sectors while growing and learning every day. By staying attentive to the needs and demands of the market, the company has expanded its experience into several crucial sectors, including information technology, fashion, pharmaceuticals, HoReCa (Hotels, Restaurants, and Catering), food and beverages, agriculture, health, automation, and others.



Lavoropiu was founded in 1997 in Italy, as a staffing and recruitment agency focused on finding the best talents for companies in various sectors. The company’s business model was to create customised solutions for businesses, allowing them to expand and thrive in a competitive market. Over the years, Lavoropiu has adapted to the ever-changing labour market, adopting innovative strategies to help both jobseekers and employers find their perfect match. The company’s success and growth have been driven by its commitment to continuous learning and its ability to adapt to the diverse needs of the industries it serves.


Empowering Women at Lavoropiù: Fostering Inclusion and Reducing the Gender Gap

At Lavoropiù, we have always been committed to fostering a culture of inclusion and gender equality within our organisation. Our long-standing focus on the female presence within the company has profoundly shaped our identity and values. From the very beginning, we have dedicated our resources to creating an authentically welcoming and communicative approach, emphasising the human side of recruiting and putting people and their capabilities at the centre.

We believe that women have played a crucial role in our success by bringing valuable qualities such as effective communication, collaboration, flexibility, resilience, courage, and determination. Our goal is to maximise the female presence within our organisation and multiply the possibilities for business growth based on these values.

In our pursuit of reducing the “gender gap,” we have implemented various initiatives, including a corporate welfare plan oriented towards the well-being of our employees and their families, granting part-time work for returning mothers, and offering counselling services for employees leaving for parental leave. Additionally, we provide tailored training and professional development opportunities, encouraging our employees to take on new projects and challenges.

Our commitment to promoting gender equality extends to the hiring of young talents who have recently completed their education. We aim to provide these individuals with a supportive environment where they can acquire valuable skills and grow professionally.

With our unique project, Nice 2NEET Her!, we strive to create direct connections with local institutions and organisations to address the issue of female inactivity in the workforce. By focusing on professional training, we aim to stimulate new skills and capabilities among young women, contributing to the development of inclusive communities.

Guided by a female leader, Lavoropiù is dedicated to embracing the energy and creativity of women, believing that a society unable to do so is at a significant disadvantage in the modern world.


Lavoropiù and Schools: Building a Network of Skills and Opportunities

At Lavoropiù, we believe in the power of passion, opportunity, and value. These foundational values, expressed in our company’s vision, drive our journey within Italian schools. Over time, we have built virtuous relationships with various stakeholders in the territories where we operate, particularly schools and businesses.

Our extensive geographical presence allows us to connect closely with companies and production districts, understanding their personnel needs. This often translates into the necessity to create a network between businesses and local schools. Lavoropiù aims to bridge the gap between the world of work and education by supporting both students and businesses in their complementary pursuits.

Our dedicated team of recruiters and job placement experts engage with schools and businesses daily to develop valuable projects. We focus on recognizing talent in new generations, guiding students in discovering their passions, stimulating curiosity, and motivating them to learn technical skills.

Our approach fosters winning synergies between schools, families, businesses, and students, pursuing key objectives such as student valorization, engagement, transparency, and sharing testimonials from experienced professionals. We believe in the importance of career guidance for the younger generation, as it promotes inclusivity and talent recognition.

Lavoropiù evaluates projects individually, taking into account the needs of school principals, teachers, and career guidance and job placement officers. We create personalised paths by building a network of value between schools, businesses, and communities, thanks to the support of our dedicated Schools Team.

Lavoropiù Goes to School is a project involving schools across Italy with the aim of guiding and supporting students in the world of work. Through this project, we organise seminars, workshops, and training courses in collaboration with major local businesses interested in meeting and hiring talented young people. Our recruiters guide and support students in the world of work, providing them with valuable knowledge and tools to help them succeed.

The project benefits both schools and businesses. Schools gain a real connection between academic life and the working world, enriching their educational offerings and enhancing their appeal. Businesses become part of a virtuous network, gaining recognition in terms of employer branding and corporate social responsibility, and reducing the time and cost of hiring personnel.

By building a network of collaborations between businesses, schools, and students, we create opportunities for not only matching job supply and demand but also for knowledge sharing and learning. Our focus remains on putting people and their capabilities at the centre of everything we do.


Objectives: Finding the Perfect Match for Companies and Employees

The company’s services extend beyond traditional recruitment, offering additional support, such as HR consulting, training and development programs and payroll management to help businesses and employees achieve their full potential.

Lavoropiu’s primary objective is to connect companies with the right employees, ensuring a perfect match for both parties. By focusing on understanding the specific needs of each business and assessing the skills and qualifications of jobseekers, Lavoropiù is able to create tailored solutions that result in long-lasting, successful employment relationships. Pyou offers the same high-quality services internationally, by exporting the know-how and technical expertise of Lavoropiù and adapting to the local markets’ peculiarities.


A Glimpse into the Barcelona Office

Lavoropiu’s Barcelona office is a testament to the company’s commitment to expanding its services to cater to the dynamic labour market in Spain. Located in the heart of the city, the office is home to a team of dedicated professionals who specialise in various sectors, including IT, engineering, finance, and marketing.

The Barcelona office has played a significant role in supporting the growth of local businesses and attracting international talent, reinforcing Lavoropiu’s position as a global recruitment leader. By leveraging the company’s extensive network and expertise, the Barcelona team has been successful in matching top talent with the right opportunities, helping to drive economic growth and innovation in the region.


Embracing Global Growth: Lavoropiu’s Continued Commitment to Excellence in Recruitment

Lavoropiu’s journey from its humble beginnings in Bologna to its current status as an international recruitment powerhouse demonstrates the company’s unwavering dedication to finding the perfect match between companies and employees. With a strong presence in multiple countries, including the vibrant city of Barcelona, Lavoropiu is poised to continue its mission of connecting talent with opportunity, helping businesses and individuals alike to reach new heights of success.